Филожен Бернадин

Philogene Bernadin

Philogene Bernadin is a young Leader. Young Entrepreneur. He got a Master in Social Psychology, Bachelor and law. Now, he currently realizes a Master in Anthropology and Ecology.

He achieved:

▪ 17th World Festival of Young People and Students in Sochi, Russia 2017

▪ Flood Management in Disaster Risk Mitigation ‘at Unesco-IHE, Netherlands 2017

▪ Top Nominations 2020, 40 under 40 Peace Champions, Maldives Islands

I also honored with Award, Certification and Letters of different countries.

Bernadin develop a lot of skills to exercise the function of specialist in conflict management. He’s currently working in the EHS department (Environment, Health and Safety at Work) as a Feedback officer and social specialist for the Unit Technical Execution (UTE) at the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Haiti (MEF) for the park industrial of Caracol. A large-scale project financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Mr. Bernadin manage conflicts and grievances for workers (comments / questions / concerns / complaints - grievances) in the park.

His commitment to the social causes of the country and to the world, allowed him to be:

• Founder and President of Haiti International Summer, great event for youth people

• Founder of Future Team Haiti, COE

• Founder and CEO of Global Communication & Services

• Co-Founder of Future Team United (FTU),

• Founder and CEO of Freedom Foundation,

• Founder and President of the Youth Union for Society and Democracy (YUDS).

• Founder and Manager of Global Communications and Services

• Ambassador of Peace for Global Peace Chain

• Member of Future Team (Russia)

• Ambassador for Netherlands Group Education

• Founder and President of Savings and Credit le Bouclier cooperative,

• Director of Educational Axis for Youth Foundation and Perspectives

• Founder and CEO of : Centre de Recyclage et de Production Artistique Laferrière.

• Founder and CEO of Haiti International Summer Camp

• Founder and CEO of Forum Economique et Social

He wants to inspire youth to lead and develop peaceful while promoting quality education for a better future for the future generation.